Can Chris Brown Make a Rebound?

Can Chris Brown Make a Rebound?
Uhhh, yea. Hello? McFLy? Can Chris Brown still make money? Do fans still love him, even now? Yes and yes. Poor Janet Jackson has not been able to make a rebound after the whole "wardrobe malfunction" debacle but Chris Brown beats a woman down, and it will be no time before he is back on tour and his album is selling to the masses.

Now, do not misunderstand me, I think he has to watch his step. The boy is still young enough to get himself into all sorts of mess, which is going to make this straight and narrow pretty difficult. If he even blinks wrong, there will be a back lash. I am all for forgiveness if the apology is sincere and the effort to change is genuine and it does not happen again. I do hope that he takes this seriously and it serves as a wake up call.

God bless the boy and Rihanna (not in a together sense) because the scrutiny is on.

Can Chris Brown Make a Rebound?
People Magazine
Chris Brown won't go to jail for assaulting Rihanna. The question now is whether his plea-bargained penalty - community labor, probation, domestic violence classes - will reform his behavior and save his career.


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