About.com has a New Home Page

How late am I on this? Obviously my searching has been limited. I like using about every now and then because it is more focused on the exact topical information that is needed. It is really a great site. However, I hated the two million and one pop up and advertisements. The home page was just a regular thing. I really did not pay much attention to it. However, I am loving the new look and how it allows you to select and brows topics and channels. I am a browser some times. The search result page is the same and the other expert pages are laid out the same, but a great improvement on the home page site.
Description of About.com from their website:
About Us About.com is an online neighborhood of hundreds of helpful experts, eager to share their wealth of knowledge with visitors.

Every month, over 60 million people* visit us for help with everything from health care and parenting issues to advice on travel, cooking, technology, hobbies and more. And we offer solutions in the form of over two million hand-crafted, original articles, recipes, product reviews, videos, tutorials and more.

All created by our network of expert 'Guides' - real people who, like all good neighbors, help others so that every one's life gets just a little better.

Founded in 1996, About.com was acquired in March 2005 by The New York Times Company (NYSE: NYT). Today, About.com is recognized as a top 15 content site and one of the largest producers of original content on the Web.
*Worldwide usage, About.com metrics


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