This Weekend at the Movies

Terminator Salvation Christian Bale stars as John Connor, leader of the human resistance against the machines, in the return of the hit sci-fi action franchise.

I love the Terminator franchise and I really like Christian Bale (even with all the yelling). I am just not crazy about what I see on the trailer for this movie. If I get the chance, I will go see it just because I'm curious and loyal (lol). Hopefully, when I do see it I will be pleasant surprised.

Dance Flick The Wayans family returns with their raunchy brand of spoof comedy, setting out to parody movies like 'Step Up' and 'Save the Last Dance.'

This thing as usual looks silly and funny (on some parts). Unfortunately, with the box office pressure, I am not really sure that the Wayans brothers are going to get the numbers they want.

Night at the Museum:Battle of the Smithsonian Ben Stiller returns as the bewildered night watchman who witnesses exhibits coming alive.

I cannot wait to take the kids to see this one. We have the first one at home and they really enjoyed it. The trailer looks like it will be interesting. "Fire Power."


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