Jamie Foxx Apologizes after Miley Lashing

I have not had a chance to listen to what Jamie Foxx had to say about Miley Cyrus but the tidbits are pretty bad. I did not even know about it when on Leno, Jamie Foxx apologized for his remarks. The apology seemed sincere. Would he be apologizing if he did not having a movie, “The Soloist,” coming out soon? I am sure he would not be apologizing if there was not such a backlash over his comments.

I have listened to Foxxhole before and they are harsh on that show. They take no prisoners, and diss everyone. So, should he really apologize? Obviously some of the things he said were not meant to be taken seriously. He admittedly went too far, but maybe he did not, considering the type of radio show he has. Those comments were too far for Miley’s fans because they are harshly criticizing her spoiled brat behavior and pointing out that she maybe headed down the same path as some of the other “bright, shining, young, teen” stars (Paris, Lohan, Britney).

It is interesting how they say that Foxx should not have said those things because Miley is only a 16-year old child. Well, so was Britney’s sister before she popped out a baby, so were all the other stars who’s lives have turned south because they are lost within the fame. They get treated like adults and when they do something wrong, get a free pass because they are a teenager. I am excusing Foxx’s comments but it is no surprise. If people actually think he was serious then they have got issues.

What’s real messed up is that this girl, Miley Cyrus, is getting a free pass because of Jamie Foxx’s comments. Because she got snubbed by a band, Radiohead, Miley wanted to ruin the band’s career. She was upset; I get it. One thing I agree with Jamie Foxx about his for her to grow up. Shouldn’t fits and tantrums be over by the time the teen years roll around.

The real victim in this whole mess is “The Soloist” if it tanks at the box office. Boycotts are being organized as we speak. It is truly ridiculous what we focus on as being important. First the President’s dog and now this.

Jamie Foxx Lashes Out at Miley Cyrus
Actor and singer Jamie Foxx went on a tirade against teenage pop star Miley Cyrus during a Sunday broadcast of his Sirius radio show. The 41-year-old actor and singer, real name Eric Marlon Bishop, has said something outrageous in public. ...


SRS5668 said…
This is ridiculous. First, she ia little B*&()! I can't figure out wh the little trap gets away with so much. Her gums are jacked up. She is a little ugly thing. Plus she is 16 witha 25 yr old boyfriend. Hello......no one talks about that. But Ray Ray will go to jail if he is 17 going witha 16 year old. Radiohead was correct in their respoonse to her ad Jamie was doing what he does best....telling jokes...get over it!
Me said…
Leave it to you to put it in a real perspective. So true about her and the boyfriend. They need to stop treating these kids like they grown just because they have money, then flip the switch when something happens that they don't like. All of a sudden she is a kid again. RME

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