CW's The Game Changing the Plays

First Girlfriends now The Game. Truth be told, I watch the reruns of The Game. I wanted to find the episodes so I can get caught up but it seems that by the time I do that, it will be off the air. Word is that the CW wants to focus more on the teeny bopper, soap type programming, and The Game as well as Everybody Hates Chris may be getting their spots ready on the chopping block.
In an attempt to save the show, they are pitching it as a dramedy for an hour long show. Personally, I would love to see The Game as an hour long show. I'm hoping it goes down.

The Game calls for a trick play on fourth and long
The Hollywood Reporter says that the half-hour sitcom The Game will completely re-pitch itself to The CW as an hour-long comedy- drama. ...
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SRS5668 said…
I say we start a "Let's Save The Game" petition. I love the show and I don't have cable. I watch it online at the CW website. If we stop watching stupid mess like "Flavors of Love", "I Love Ray J" or whatever it is called and all the other ridiculous black exploitation reality shows on now, we could probably actually save some real good stuff!
Me said…
Don't even get me started on those shows. Don't even get me started. Yea, I need to watch it online when I have some time but I am so backed up on so many shows that I just say forget it. BT loves it and he doesn't really watch tv too much.

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