What gets you through?

It has been over a month since my last post. A month! This is my pattern, and it is a horrible one. At least this time, I have kept in communication with God (aside from my weekly church attendance). I have actually prayed and read and wrote (a little). I started nursing school recently and things have been very hectic, so I'm trying to get used to it all.

In addition to that, my family suffered a great great loss. My beautiful grandmother went on to be with the Lord on September 8th. As I write, I feel tears. However, it is a joy as her life was a joy and she radiated goodness. She will be forever and ever missed.

To get me through things in life, I rely on God, family, and family of course, but I also rely on music. Music is my balm. Music inspires me, makes me happy, keeps me up, gives me energy, nudges my memory, gets me dancing, helps me work out, helps me praise Him, and accompanies my life. It is my thing. So, I will be posting some of the selections that have been getting me through. Now, not all of them will be by Christian artists. These are just some the the things I listen to that help me in life.

Don't Give Up

You Raise Me Up


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