The Family that Preys

So ... don't even ask where I've been. I've been in da cut.

Anyway, I caught this preview in the theaters then a friend of mine sent me the e-mail about it. So what do you all think? Is this another Why Did I Get Married hit? I am not a fan of all of Tyler Perry movies, but there are a couple of them that I absolutely love.

From the looks of this trailer, The Family that Preys seems like it is going to be a very good watch. I am hoping so because I am rooting for TP. He is providing a lot of people with an avenue to exercise their talent that may not have had as much opportunity to do so if he were not in the game. Therefore, I am hoping for the best and I plan on going to watch this at the movies, not boot leg people :).

Check out the trailer or visit the official site.

Office website:
The Family that Preys


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