Who is Lot? Really?

When I was a kid, I attempted to read the Bible many times. I have no idea what drove me to try but I did, and I remember getting as far as Genesis 19. Now, this was quite an accomplishment for a child of twelve years old (give or take a couple of years). However, I could not get pass the whole incest activity with Lot and his daughters.

I am sure you can imagine how a preteen would react to something like that. I was totally disgusted. I did not understand why something like that would be in the Bible. Honestly, it is probably good that I did not get any further because there was a whole lot of things that I would have questioned. Now that I am a little older :), I still have issues with it. The whole thing just gives me pause; however this time, I decided to investigate.

I did some research on what others where saying about this verse which helped me to draw a conclusion- Lot was a screwed up dude. I know that sounds funny, but I am totally serious. Between Genesis 14 and 19, Lot could not stay out of trouble. Honestly, he was just as messed up as everyone else (this is my humble opinion and I am welcome to theories that contradict it).
  1. He moved to Sodom (Genesis 13:12-13). That should be a clue that something is not quite right with the boy.
  2. He stayed in Sodom. I would think that moving out of a city that is full of sin would be the first thing to do. Instead Lot stayed there.
  3. Lot was captured during the war times of Sodom (Genesis 14:12) and the only reason he made it out alright was because His uncle Abraham busted through and was victorious in the name of the Lord where 4 Kingdoms combined could not (Genesis 14:14-16). Now, if Lot had favor with God, wouldn't he have been able to save himself?
  4. When the men in Sodom came to his house and demanded that he let the two angels out so that they can rape them, Lot offered his daughters instead (Genesis 19:6-8) and said "do what you like with them." First off, it seemed that Lot did not have faith in the two Angels and second, why would you offer your daughters to be raped. I do not know what it was like back then but that could not be right.
  5. Lastly the whole incest situation happened (Genesis 19:30-38).

So when God destroyed the cities of the plain, he remembered Abraham, and he brought Lot out of the catastrophe that overthrew the cities where Lot had lived. ~Genesis 19:29

In other words, Lot was only spared because God knew that he meant a great deal to Abraham. So the whole point of this post is to emphasize that no matter what, we should always trust in God and stay true to Him. There may be people out there, family, friends, loved ones, that are not saved but are protected simply because you are praying for them and they mean a great deal to you. God could be saving somebody right now because you remain faithful and love Him and turn to Him.


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