Testimony from Angelia Vernon Menchan

I have spent most of my life as a spiritual girl, giving thanks and praises for the blessed life I live. I attend church, work in a ministry and always try to be supportive of community issues. However, I was never sure what my ‘ministry’ was. I have always had a rapport with young people, even spending three years as a Job Corps Counselor. Most recently I found myself ‘talking’ to a continuing stream of young women, mentoring them if you will. But until I penned my latest book, Is No Not Clear Enough For You?, I never knew what my calling was.

I had written four books and had become accustomed to people saying my words touched them, but it never felt like it made a difference. But once my readers started contacting me about Is No Not Clear Enough for You? and saying things such as, ‘this book changed me’, ‘made me reevaluate my spirituality’ and 'my daughter and I communicate better', I realized what it was to have a mission and a ministry.

To be able to sit in church, seeing people thumbing through the book and have family members and friends spread the word in ways they never had before has been joyous. Not only that, but to also have people contact me, without solicitation, and ask me to talk about my work has been a true blessing and affirmation that I am working in the right direction. I will stay in continual prayer, asking God to guide me through this and allowing myself to be used in the most beneficial way.

Angelia Vernon Menchan

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Thanks Wanda!


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