Our Thoughts Are Powerful

It's funny, in one of my last posts, I talked about speaking power (like the type God displayed in creating the world) and the power of our thoughts; then today, I get Joyce Meyer's magazine in which she is focusing on the power of our thoughts.

Our thoughts can be used for great things and to destroy everything around us if we let them. Negativity definitely kills, and negative thoughts manifest themselves into our lives. I will admit that I am not always the most positive person in the room. I think I was born a pessimist and evolved into a realist (by my standards, of course) three days out the week. I try very hard to stay positive and optimistic the other four days.

Paul tells us in Colossians 3:2 to to "set your minds on things above, not on earthly things." He would not bother with that if our minds and thoughts did not drive our actions and interactions with others. That is also the reason why it is important to constantly stay in the Lord because when we lose our focus, we open our minds up for those negative thoughts to take over and cause all types of problems.

In the end, there is something better than forced optimism. Knowing that God is there to protect you and care for you no matter what, is the best that anyone can ask for. Still, remembering that and putting it in daily life is and will always be a challenge. That is why are are not God but aspire to model him.

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Daily Scripture: Genesis 1:3-5


kalalou said…
I am a true believer that our thoughts or the words we speak have the power of life and death in them...it has manifested in my life recently...I thought the worst of a friend and that guided my actions toward them, at the end endangered destroying our friendship...looking back now, I realize it was my negative thougth that put everyhing else in motion...now that I have come to that realization, I am exercising the power of positive thinking...hoping my friend and I can mend fences..hoping, If our friendship survive, it will be stronger bc we wanted this...but it is all in GD's hand...I hope he continues to work on me, bc I can surely use it

Note: Thanks, Wanda for this little message of hope. You are being used and the light is shining...Thanks
Me said…
Knowing is better than being ignorant or in denial. At least you are now aware of what was going on. Hopefully that friendship can be repaired. Thanks for the positive workds; they truly keep me going.

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