Purpose Driven Life Day 3: What Drives Your Life?

Since I am still away and out of touch with everything, I was able to sneek some time in between classes to post something.

This was supposed to be done on February 9th but was actually completed on February 12, 2008.

I will be caught up and on time soon enough.

What Drives Your Life?

Day three of Purpose Driven Life asks the question, “What drives us?” Warren discusses five factors that drive peoples' lives (usually): guilt, resentment and anger, fear, materialism, and need for approval. Which one of those drives you?

Personally, before God showed me His direction for my life, I was driven by materialism. For those who know me well, it may not seem that way at first because I never really cared about brand named clothes or having the most popular of this or that. Upon appearance, I am not materialistic as the world defines it. I am not Paris Hilton or a person who has to have everything that’s hot and trendy. I am not much of a big shopper either. In fact, I actually hate shopping.

Where my materialism comes in is for life in general. I (like most people) would like to have enough money to purchase whatever I want whenever I want. I would not mind having an opulent house with two or three luxury cares in the six car garage and an Olympic size pool in the yard (the influence of MTV cribs no doubt).

There is another driving force that I believe Warren might have left out- vanity. I wanted to be successful for no other reason that it would make me feel good about such an accomplishment. Just the fact that I can achieve great success (measure by money in this society) and everyone would know it, is a strong driving force. However, that has definitely changed for me.

I know that I am not absolutely clear on what my purpose is however, I do know that I am trying to head in the right direction, the direction God wants me in. I know all the things being asked of me (giving up televisions and Parlez) will help me focus on further exploring what my purpose is and eventually living it.

I am trying to be at the point where my choices and actions are driven by God and what he wants out of me.


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