Purpose Driven Life Day 1: It is NOT About You

Day one of Purpose Driven Life reading started yesterday and guess what? It is not about me! What?

A couple of months ago, that statement would have gone right over my head. I would have nodded and agreed wholeheartedly but went on planning my future, mapping out my goals, and dreaming my selfish dreams. Now, however, I can agree with a clear conscience.

Some of the points I thought were interesting are:

  • You can be successful without fulfilling your life’s purpose. This is no awe-inspiring statement; however, I just never thought about it like that.
  • The purpose of my life is part of a larger plan. Wow, really! It is kind of cool to think of myself as part of a master plan. I almost feel like I am part of a covert operation except God is not undercover. We just choose not to listen.
  • Going to the source does not mean looking to ourselves. I always thought that when I looked deep within my heart, I would find all the answers that I needed. Oops. Whenever I did that, I only came out with more questions.

Truthfully, I when things were not going the way I liked, I would encourage myself and focus on the goals I wanted to accomplish. That type of tenacity does not go unrewarded. We get some level of success. I doubt we would ever truly get fulfilled.

Rick Warren, in day one, says that we can’t. If we are not looking to God for the purpose of our life then we will be searching forever.
The gist of day one is to realize that not only is it not about us but we have to look to the right source and that is God.


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