I've Made Changes Already

It has not even been a month yet and already there are major changes to the site. It used to be called The Christian Gradient but I have since changed the name. Since I wanted to find a domain name that was easy to remember, I did not want to go with Christian Gradient. It is too long, and, I have to be real, some people won't even remember how to spell gradient LOL.

Here is what my summary used to say:
I often rate myself as a Christian. I know; it is silly. I know how unworthy I am and how much I sin on a daily basis. Everyday I wake up and thank God for His grace and that this Christian Gradient where the good ones are up high and the “bad Christians” fall to the bottom does not exist for God. He loves me in and out of His light and for that he is worthy of the best that I can give. Join me in the walk, even as we fall, through Jesus and the Spirit God will pick us up.

I still feel that way; however I had to change things a bit to flow with the name. Change is not a bad thing as long as it is for the better. Most people do not like change and, at times, I don't either. Whether we are comfortable with change our not, it is something that must be done if we are to grow as humans and definitely as Christians.


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