Do You Write?

I want this to be a safe place of spiritual growth for everyone who comes to I also want it to be a fun place. There is quite a bit I would like to do with this blog, but I know I cannot do it alone.

If you like to write, this is a place to submit your work. I will select one possible two submissions on a weekly basis. Although not much, you will be paid for your submission. I hope as the site grows in popularity that I can increase the revenue and pay more.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Word length should be anywhere from 250-300 words. Please no more than 315 words.
  2. Clean language
  3. Topics can include praise reports, testimonies, book reviews (family friendly or Christian, fiction and non), music reviews (family friendly, Christian, or gospel), movies or DVDs (family friendly, feel good, positive message, or Christian), and social commentary, spiritual motivation, or any uplifting anecdote. It is pretty much open as long as it promotes positivity.
  4. Previously published is accepted
  5. Send submissions to
  6. If you are selected and have a website or a blog, we will trade links. Cross promotion never hurts
  7. If I missed anything feel free to send me an e-mail with your questions.

As of right now there is not payment. Hopefully one day soon that will change. Nevertheless, I believe that together we can make this a wonderful place of spiritual fellowship, growth, and motivation.


Lady Step said…
Hey! I have a series I did on being single. I will get that to you. No payment is necessary. I Love You!

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