Day 2 of 21 Days: Do You Hunger for Righteousness?

Day two did not go so well. Sometimes it just seems as though time and sleep are my enemy. There is so much on my plate right now (all the time actually) that when the time came for my 21 minutes, I could barely keep my eyes open. However, I woke up this morning an hour earlier to do it. That is fudging a little bit but I will be caught up by the end of today because I will focus on this first before doing all the other things.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, For they shall be filled. ~Matthew 5:6

"Hunger and thirst" are serious cravings. Before I decided to go the direction the God wants me in, I do not believe I had hunger or thirst for His word or anything like that. Obviously, I have matured in the Lord in such a short time because he has revealed things about myself that I was totally oblivious to. Prior to that though, I loved Him and knew I wanted to be in heaven and basically tried to live life like he wanted me to; however, hunger and thirst were not part of that scenario.

After years of praying for it without even really knowing what it meant, I have that hunger and thirst and there are many blessings in it. I have to admit that there are some worldly downfalls which I really should not care about but a part of me does. People think you're crazy for one thing because they don't get it and even those close to you may look at you differently. Nevertheless, now that I have it, I cannot imagine giving up this blessing for anyone or anything in the world because God will surely give me all that I need.


TheArtisthaha said…
wow-you have been consistent-Very real-i read all the way to January 18.-In a way this is like your journal -I Like it -I hope More people will see this blog-and may it help them. I know for me it made me think about my walk not that I have'nt always -but in a different perspective.


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