A Bible Reading Tip

Recently I have joined a lot of mailing lists- Creflo Dollar, Ed Young, Ron Jones, T. D. Jakes, and a couple of others. I get little scripture quotes sent via e-mail on a daily basis with comments and prayers. Why do I do this? Well, I need it. First off, since I have this urge to read more of the bible, those scripture messages help me by giving me a direction. The bible can be overwhelming and too much to take in sometimes; therefore I need guidance. When I go to my inbox and see these messages it is as if they are speaking directly to me. I get quite a few of them, so I do not get to read all of them on a daily basis but I focus on the titles that catch my attention and delve into those.
I never run out of scriptures to study. This helps in those times when I just want to forget about reading for the day. I could easily say that I don't know what to read but having an inbox full of suggestions makes that excuse kind of pointless. If yo have a favorite messenger of God, join their mailing list and start getting your bible reading that way. Every little bit of the word that comes into your life makes us one step closer to God. Later (when I get the chance), I will place some links to some of my favorites. Please feel free to give any suggestions in the comments section.

I will attempt to post my own comments on a few. I am not some bible theologian or even remotely close. I am just a regular person like you who wants to learn more about living like Christ and apply those principles to my life. Feel free to learn with me.


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