Anti-Gay Church to Protest Ledger Funeral- Grrrrr

By now, I am sure most of America knows that Heath Ledger a young actor died recently at the age of 28, leaving a young child fatherless.

Now, this crazy church group (and I won't even do them justice by posting the name) is protesting his funeral. Why? Because he played a gay role in Brokeback Mountain. You can read the full article at Ant-Gay Church to Protest. By the way, please do not go to their site and give credence to their mess. At least they only have 50 members but it is 50 members to many.

Grrrrr, they make my blood boil. They are wrong on so many levels it is not even funny. I cannot even begin to describe how they mock Jesus and God by their hate antics. They are going around perpetuating hate and attaching God's name to it and somehow they think that makes them better than everybody else. It does not make them any better than those fundamental Islamic groups that send out suicide bombers in the name of Allah. This is when, I want to forget about my salvation and straight up cuss somebody the heck out or better yet, bonk them over the head so that they can be still and let God. I know that's not right, though.

Hmmm, I guess this is when I am supposed to pray for them right? I will have to get right on that because it seems to me that this hate perpetuating church has lost their way. The only thing they are doing with their mess is keeping people from getting closer to Jesus. Lord knows if I was a person who doesn't know much about God, I would stay clear if they were my example.

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Poetic Genesis said…
That's just too crazy. It was just a role he played... and if he was gay I don't understand what gives them the gall to protest his funeral! I'm with you, this makes me want to do a drive-by but that REALLY isn't right.

I'll pray for them too!

Lady Step said…
This is ridiculous. WHen I first heard this I thought ot myself, "Yeah that is exactly would Christ do." They are just using Ledger's death as a way to get publicity for theie crazy group. Shame on them!

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