Who is Tasha Smith?

Tasha Smith definitely made a lasting impression in Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married? With such an unassuming name like Tasha Smith, who would think that this chick is a breakout star.
Like anyone else that seems to have "all of a sudden" broken out, Tasha Smith (36) has been in the business for quite some time now. She has had minor roles in a number of blockbuster movies and appearances on television show after television show after television show. Her filmography dates back to 1994. Her portrayal of a dead beat mother in Daddy's Little Girl was so on point that I really hated her character.

A little trivia about her is that there's two of her. Okay, that sounds more dramatic than it really is. She has an identical twin sister. She is not only doing the acting thing but helping others do it to ... for a small fee of course (get your business on).

Tasha Smith currently has three movies in the works and a couple of acting workshops coming up in the near future.

Her acting workshop company is on myspace and you can also visit the Tasha Smith Actors Workshop website. What's cool is that she worked with what she had to build a solid career for herself.


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