Heroes Finale? WTH?

Tonight is the big night where everything is supposed to go down with the virus, Adam, Hero, and Peter. Could I be the only one wondering if this is really true? I am really hoping that they will be gone until January and come back with a bang. I am not at all understanding how they can have a finale. Things seem rushed. I am hoping this is just a preemptive effort to deal with the writer strike and if everything works out they will be back for the spring.

Anyway, check out some of my favorite television sites for a recap of last week's show.

Previously on Heroes: Adam and Peter set out to change history, and Adam started by killing Kaito Nakamura, which Hiro witnessed. Niki injected herself with the Shanti Virus, Micah was hanging out in the Big Easy with some boring relatives, and Sylar and the Wonder Twins were STILL traveling to New York City. Mohinder shot HRG and Claire thought he died, but we know he's alive, hooked up to an IV of Claire's regenerative blood.
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