Heroes Finale a Dissapointment

Was I the only one a little disappointed with the finale?
It just didn't do it for me. The only thing that I really liked was Hiro locking Adam away in that coffin and Vanessa Bell playing the psychotic, electrifying daughter.

Peter was such a dolt. Although he was great eye candy, I did not enjoy watching stay in the dark for so long.

Syler is back and I am not even thrilled about that. He was a person that should have stayed dead. He is annoying to say the least. Still I will tune in to watch in 2008 because I want to see what happens and it wasn't terrible.

Check out Buddy TV's Heroes page for a full recap.


SilkySoul said…
Yeah, there were so many "telegraphed" resolutions to the plot that it left me wanting for more surprises.

The biggest question for me is what happens to the girl from Ireland now that the future that Peter left her in is no longer possible? That was a big dangling string for me! :-D

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