Writing and Publishing Tip # 4: Get Your Networking On

Writing and Publishing Tip # 4: Get Your Networking On

It is no secret that networking is the buzz nowadays. With all of these social networking sites climbing to million and million of users, everyone is stopping to take notice. Honestly, networking is nothing new. However, advances in technology have allowed it to take place in the virtual world at a much lesser cost.

As wonderful as it is to network in the virtual world, we have to remember to keep up the networking efforts in the real world. Networking amongst writers, publishers, and readers is a great way to keep the momentum going.

Other great reasons to network:
  1. Meet new people
  2. Expose them to your work
  3. Make great contacts that may help in the future. You never know
  4. Get rejuvenated
  5. Get educated
  6. Put a name with a face
  7. Have fun
  8. Get inspired
  9. Get motivated

Real World Networking Opportunities
~Writers workshops
~Book signings (and I am not talking about your own)
~Festivals (not necessarily writing- movies, music etc)
~Book clubs
~Writing and critiquing groups
~Open mic nights
~Support fellow author, artist, publisher events

Virtual Networking Opportunities
~Go on a blog tour
~Leave thought and insightful comments on blogs, guest books, and etc (please be honest, don’t just post just to post or else you will come out like a fake)
~Join an online group and actively participate in the discussions
~Podcasting and or participating in a podcast (be a guest, call in and ask questions)
~Visit a sponsored chat
~Discussion boards
~Facebook and all the rest of them
~Don’t ignore your guest book if you have a website

So, go on and get your network on.

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