Why Did I Get Married? Review

Number one at the box office this weekend, pulling in over 21 million dollars, Why Did I Get Married? is a must see. Real talk, this is one of the best movies I have seen in a while.

If you did not get a chance to watch, you have to go check this out. You will laugh (definitely laugh), cry (only if you have a heart), get ticked off, and feel inspired all through out this film. Tyler Perry does not disappoint by throwing in whopper size secrets in there but don't expect that this is like his plays. The only similarity is the ongoing message of having God in your life.

The acting was great. The pacing was right on time. The writing was on point especially with the dialogue between the guys. Tyler Perry kept it real. It is easy to insert people you may know in your own lives into those of the characters.

Tyler Perry as Terry- He did a great job of portraying a regular dude trying to get some time with his wife. Terry's characterization was that of the guy next door (if there is such a thing) that just wants to be with Mary Jane.

Sharon Leal as Diane- Another great acting job. She was almost bitchy as Terry's wife and if she wasn't such a good friend, I doubt I would like her.

Janet Jackosn as Patricia- She is just trying to get her life back together after tragedy struck her and her husband. There is never such a thing as the perfect couple and Janet does a great job of portraying the struggle she has in dealing with her own situation and trying to be there for all of her friends. Her acting was on point. It is almost as if they wrote the role for her mannerism and soft-spoken voice.

Malike Yoba as Gavin- I really think Malik got some work done on his lips. Real talk, there was no ash. You all remember how crazy ashy his lips used to be. It was not the type of ash that could be cured with a bin full of lip balm. Whatever they did to those lips helped tremendously. Anywho, Gavin, was the quiet rock for his wife, supporting her at every turn even when she did not want it.

Tasha Smith as Angela- There are no words that can do justice to Tasha's portrayal of Angela ... well, maybe one- GHETTO. She was off the chain. She brought comic relief with a harsh dose of reality.

Michael Jai White as Spawn ... I mean Marcus- Don't act like you all don't remember that wack movie, Spawn. On the real, he was almost forgettable until he got into Spawn mode. I thought he was about to put the beat down on a couple of people.

Richard T. Jones as Mike- Every good movie needs a good villain. Mike did not disappoint. Richard brought a certain careless attitude to the role that really hit the mark. Ooooo, I wanted to take a bottle to his head a couple of times. LOL.

Jill Scott as Shelia- I saved the best for last. I wanted to smack Shelia so many times in the beginning. Then she had me balling (I mean boohoo crying, my husband got to harass me about that). Jill Scott knocked her performance out the box. She was absolutely on fire in her role. It was not only that she had a lot of strong material to work with but that she worked it. She outshone everyone and I enjoyed her more than I expected.

Did I say to go check this movie out? Well, go! It is definitely worth it.

Five stars all the way.

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Anonymous said…
I absolutely loved this movie that i went to see it twice! I absolutely loved Angela (she brought the kick ass humor), Jill she was just marvelous, and Richard T. Jones, although he got on my mutha luvin nerves and was really overdue a smack he did an awesome job as always(liked him since The Wood). Everyone did an awesome job in this movie however i wasn't really feeling Janet and i guess that's because she looked terrible to me she doesn't have the beauty that she once possessed before the surgeries. She did play her character well i personally just had a hard time getting over that. This movie was great and i can't wait until it comes out on DVD!!!
Me said…
I can't wait till the DVD comes out either. You know my husband kept on ragging on Janet too. I thought she looked good.

Those women were wearing the heck out of those outfits.

PETA could mount a whole campaign against this movie for all the fur. LOL. Still, they looked hella good.
Anonymous said…
This movie was FanFreakinTastic!!!

Serious it was his best movie yet!
Angelia... said…
I saw it last night and concur on all points, my man and I...I want that gold wrap dress Ms. Janet had on....Richard T. Jones as Mike was too funny...

Love and Blessings,
Me said…
OMGosh, yes. That wrap dress she had on was so hot. She wore the heck out of it too.

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