Why Cavemen Won't Make It in the New Era

There were quite a few people that were skeptical about the Geico Cavemen going from commercial to sitcom. I was not one of them. I thought, "Oh, this is going to be funny."
Why not? The 30-second commercials were funny and if they kept to the same essence as the commercials, the show would have been funny. They did not. Instead, the show is about these four happy-go-lucky cavemen dudes that really could be anyone. They could be four regular guys living together trying to get girls.

The only thing funny about the show was the land lady (human) and the guy in the furniture store who was afraid to demonstrate the futon for fear of getting pinched. Basically, the writers or creators or whomever seemed to have missed the mark. Instead of maintaining the same cynical, type of comedy produced in the commercials, they made it into this fun, feel good show. In addition, viewers rarely get to see the main character of the commercial.

Bottom line, I watched it once. It will not happen again. That valuable 30 minutes of my life could have been better spent elsewhere.

This horrible mess will be extinct real soon.


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