Who is Paula Newsome?

When a series breaks out, the stars do to. Sometimes we see an actor and wonder who the heck is that and where did this person come from.

It is almost as if they just busted on to the scene. Well, like in the music business, it is more than likely that this new face is not new at all. It is just that we fail to recognize him.

Paula Newsome (37) is one of those "new faces." She plays coroner, Claire Wahburn, with an attitude on Women's Murder Club, the breath through crime drama airing on ABC, Friday nights. Claire is smart, sassy, and a loving mother and wife to a husband whom is paraplegic.

Paula has been putting her dues in since the early 1990s in projects like Heros, Little Miss Sunshine, Criminal Minds, CSI, and too many more to list. Her hard work and perseverance finally paid off in a big way. Women's Murder Club is a Friday night hit!

Visit Women's Murder Club for more information on the show and Paula Newsome.


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