Top Five at the Box Office

1. The Game Plan
Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

Rock did it again. View Top Five at the Box Office for additional commentary

2. The Heartbreak Kid Released this week
Paramount Pictures

I'm thinking they would have liked to be number one. Ben Stiller will still be okay though.

3. The Kingdom
Universal Pictures Distribution

4. Resident Evil: Extinction
Screen Gems, Sony Pictures Releasing

5. The Seeker: The Dark is Rising Released this week
Unnamed Fox-Walden Joint Venture

6. Good Luck Chuck

I know what this is now. It is about a guy who women have sex with so they can find love and ... someone ... it's a girl ... Yes! Jessica Alba stars in it.

7. Feel the Noise Released this week
Sony Pictures Releasing

The only reason I went down this far (to 7) is because this was a J-Lo productiono. I might be sounding like a broken record but things have just seemed off with her career ever since she got with Marco Anthonio. I hope she is happy. I am thinking she may have wanted this flick to debut a little higher, what with teen heartthrob Omarion starring. I hope she is happy. Did I say that already?


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