Television Recap: Gossip Girl, Women's Murder Club, Heroes, Private Practice, ANTM

A crime to miss "Women's Murder Club"Reuters - Oct 12, 2007LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - "Women's Murder Club" is a new chick drama that guys also can get into. Based on the best-selling book series by James ...

So if you are not doing anything on a Friday night, this is a good show to catch. I think the name is darn corny. But the acting is pretty good and the drama is all there. I also like the interaction between the sisterhood.

Bell campaigned for 'Heroes' roleDigital Spy, UK - New Heroes star Kristen Bell admits that she was desperate for a role on the hit series after becoming a fan during the ...

She is one of the things I am looking forward to next week.

TV Recap: Heroes - Chapter 4 The Kindness of StrangersCinema Blend - Oct 16, There was a lot of brotherly love going this week on Heroes. In honor of the title of this week’s episode I wanted ...

Matt found out that his dad, whom he has not seen since he was 13, could be the boogey man that is going around killing people. When he asks Molly to find him, she's caught (mentally anyway). Sylar is still as bad as he wants to be, but now he is traveling with Maya and her brother posing like he is trying to help them. Unfortunately, there was not sign of Hiro or Peter. Claire and that stupid flying boyfriend of hers are getting on my nerves. She does not even know the boy and they talking about trusting each other and all this mess. He gonna kill yo daddy! Micah's cousin who is taking care of the whole family is coming into powers of her own. I like her. Hopefully, she has a pivotal role unlike Micah and his mom.

Private Practice: Episode 1.4, "In Which Addison Has A Very Casual ...BuddyTV - On tonight's episode of Private Practice, Addison fights for a patient that no one else believes in. Coop makes a deal with a boy to tell their crushes how ...

This is my show. Addison helped a women who was believed to have a mental problem by providing her with the proper diagnosis (she fought for it with some help from Sam). She was upset with Naomi because she did not tell Addison that there was still a small possibility she may be able to have kids. Pete treated an elderly couple who was having too much sex LOL. It was actually very cute. Coop makes a pact with a little boy that they will both tell the "girl" in their life that they love her. Unfortunately, the little boy's little girl was a dude and punched him in the face. Coop found him and saved him from complete self destruction. Violet almost has a meltdown of her own when she sees her ex's young wife. In the end, she learns that she was actually there to scope Violet out.

Gossip Girl: Episode 1.5 "Dare Devil" Recap BuddyTV - Tonight, on Gossip Girl, it's all about Blair's annual sleepover. A tradition since 2000, each sleepover, or soirée as Blair likes to call them, is more decadent than the rest. It's kind of like a girl version of Chuck Bass's (Ed Westwick) Lost Weekend party, only a lot more fabulous.

Jenny, Dan's sister, did her thing. She tentatively jumped in to the Blair's games and by the end of the night was the one in control. Serena and Dan's date started off stuffy but ended up pretty nice (with a long kiss) even though it did get interrupted with drama caused by Blair.

America's Next Top Model: The Girl Who Is Afraid of HeightsTV Squad, CA - On average, there are at least three instances I find myself laughing out loud every time I watch an episode of America's Next Top Model. ...

Poor Janet got voted off. I am still trying to understand how they were calling her big. Lisa was being hated on and Bianca is a smiling back stabber. Well, she just talks about people like a dog and smiles up in their face but with a huge smile.


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