Salt-n-Pepa Together Again!

I missed it. I have no idea what I was doing but I did not get to catch the Salt n Pepa Show. Since it is on VH1, I know I will catch the repeat of it before the next episode comes along. Now, I did catch some previews of it during VH1 Honors, and I have to say that both women look outstanding. Pepa looks like she may have had some work done.

So far, I have heard good things about the show. All the clips that I have been able to watch have been interesting enough to put this show on my watch list. Basically, Salt is saved (a christian) and Pepa is still crazy, sexy Pepa. They are tryting to work something out by finding a happy medium in which both Salt (living Jesus) and Pepa (sexual diva) can be comfortable without compromising who they are. It airs on Tuesday nights at 10. In the clip, they talk about performing for Shaq's birthday party. Well, we all know that's not happening. That little tidbit alone made mad that I missed the show.

Review: Salt-n-Pepa reunite on VH1Newsday, NY - Now they're rocking VH1 with a reality show that actually promises to be about something. "The Salt-n-Pepa Show" finds Cheryl "Salt" James Wray married with ...

Show Recap: “Whatta Man” Goes G-Rated As MCs Clash on ...Rolling Stone - Every week on The Salt-N-Pepa Show, two MCs from the late-Eighties try to prove they don’t hate each other (and the rap game), while our Rock Reality Show ...

VH1 Video Clip

Push It was the jam that put Salt-N-Pepa on the map for me. This is still my jam!

News Tid Bits
Salt-N-Pepa Push It Real Good!, CA - The fortysomething divas have reunited for their new VH1 reality show, "The Salt-N-Pepa Show." Shake your thang, ladies! 2. looks like pepa had a nose job i ...


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