Nicholas in a Rage

Nicholas Cassadine, the prince of the Cassadine Empire, has always been mild-mannered, well-spoken and self-controlling up until recently. The transformation in the anger boy 2 (I still miss Taggart) started with fits of temper at the most trivial things until it progressed to outright beating people up if they looked at him wrong.

Honestly, Nicholas’ bout of rage is the best thing that has happened to General Hospital lately. In the last couple of weeks, I have looked forward to whom will get the brunt of Nicholas’ anger. Tyler Christopher is doing a fabulous job of exhibiting his rage while at the same time portraying that he does not know what is happening to him. The instances in which he tries to control himself are classic.

So far Nicholas has gone off on Alexis a couple of times, got short with Emily on several occasions, attacked Jerry more each time he saw him, choked Logan Hayes and beat him nearly to a pulp on another occasion. I cannot forget to mention all the times he flexes his indignation when things don’t go his way. I absolutely love seeing this side of Nicholas. I love that it is inexplicable.

Now, if only the writers would have him have a run in with Sam where he slaps her around a little, Trevor where he decks him in the mouth, Ric where he gives him a good old Jason Morgan beat down, Maxi where he pimp slaps her too, and Lulu where he can shake some sense into her. The possibilities are endless of how General Hospital can spice up the show using Nicholas’ out of control rage.


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