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Teenage Gunman Dead after Shooting Rampage inside Cleveland SchoolWSFA, AL - 58 minutes agoBREAKING NEWS: Cleveland, OH - A 14-year-old student reportedly went on a shooting rampage this afternoon inside of SuccessTech Academy and shot at least ...

I am not a fan of the depressing stuff but the kid was 14. It is just a darn shame.

Auto Union Workers Walk Out at ChryslerNew York Times - 1 hour agoBy MICHELINE MAYNARD and NICK BUNKLEY DETROIT, Oct. 10 - The United Automobile Workers union walked off the job at Chrysler LLC plants nationwide this morning after the two sides failed to reach agreement on a new four-year contract by a union-set ...

It was only for about 6 hours. They wound up working something out but would not release the details. Now that's just no fun for us nosy people. Let's hope hollywood does not come to a walk-off situation, but if they do, six hours would be great.

MGM Mirage Plans $5 Billion Atlantic City ResortNew York Times - 1 hour agoBy GARY RIVLIN An otherwise dismal year for the Atlantic City casino industry turned a bit brighter today when MGM Mirage, the gambling giant, announced plans to build a huge new resort hotel that will rank among the most expensive casino projects in ...

This place is going to cost 4.5 billion dollars! I'm saying, they could do without one extra floor and shuffle over a couple of million to me. Who am I kidding? At this point, I'd take a couple of grand. If I were into stealing people's money, a gambeling site would be real appealing right about now.

Nintendo's women gamers could transform marketTimes Online - Japanese women have overtaken their male counterparts to become the biggest users of Nintendo’s Wii and DS machines in a seismic shift that the company said would “transform the video games industry”.

For real, for real. I would be getting a Wii right now, but I sure as heck can't afford it. Even if I could, I can't find it. You better get your Wii now if you are hoping to get it for the holidays.

Making YouTube Pay OffForbes - 14 hours agoSince shelling out $1.6 billion for YouTube last year, Google has yet to wring a profit from the video site's millions of user-generated clips.

They are feverishly thinking of ways to convert those millions of viewers to millions of dollars. Youtube as we know it will be making a change.

OnStar to automatically slow stolen vehiclesCNET - Will a new anti-theft tool from General Motors and OnStar be enough to make your car not worth the hassle of stealing? The Stolen Vehicle Slowdown, a new feature added to OnStar, takes away the ability to use a car's gas pedal, while allowing braking ...

Damn that OnStar for ruining all of my plans to get rich quick. Here I was getting ready to put my vehicle stealing ring into action. With prices for milk and food going up, I need a plan B. Grrrrrr OnStar.

Class-action charges Apple, AT&T with unlawful business practicesApple Insider - 1 hour agoBy Kasper Jade A new class-action lawsuit charges Apple and AT&T with intentionally breaking the iPhones of customers who unlocked or installed third-party applications on the handsets, and further alleges that the two firms conspired from the ...

Turns out all those threats that Apple made might not be so legal. I guess we will wait to see how this lawsuit ends up.

American Music Awards eyes Beyonce, TimberlakeBoston Herald - 14 hours agoBy Herald wire services Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Linkin Park and “American Idol” contestant Chris Daughtry’s band copped three nods each when this year’s American Music Awards nominations were released yesterday.

Work Stress May Trigger Second Heart AttackFOX News - People who experience chronic job strain after a first heart attack double their risk of suffering from a second one, according to new research from the UniversitĂ© Laval’s Faculty of Medicine published in the Oct. 10 issue of the Journal of the ...

Wow! Isn't this a duh moment? Hmmm, let's think about this one. Stress probably caused the heart attack. That same stress will probably cause another one. Geee, really? You think!

OPRAH'S OXYGEN SUCKED UP BY NBC UNIVERSAL: Conglomerate says it's buying cable channel for coveted female demographic.*In a bid to boost its female audience, NBC Universal said Tuesday it will spend about $925 million to acquire Oxygen Media, a cable TV network co-founded by Oprah Winfrey that features a multitude of programming for women.

MARION JONES RETURNS HER OLYMPIC MEDALS: Plus, track's governing body says she is 'one of the biggest frauds in sporting history.'*Disgraced track star Marion Jones has returned the five medals she won at the 2000 Olympics, just days after the International Olympic Committee said it would move quickly to strip her of the medals after she pleaded guilty Friday to using steroids.

Paper or Plastic? Or "Welcome to Walmart."


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