Marion Jones, the Heroe?

The topic of Marion Jones is a hot button issue right now and being discussed everywhere. I had to post my response to one piece of the discussion. You can surely feel free to agree or disagree.

Basically, some people are already to forgive MJ for this embarrassment. I'm not one of them.

I remember those press conferences when she vehemently denied her use of performance enhancing drugs. I was all on her side. Not once but over and over and over again she denied any involvement what so ever. She had me convinced.

Now years later she comes out and confesses to the opposite. Let's be real, she only gave those medals back because the Olympics were going to come after her for them. She only just now confessed because the blanket was about to hit the fan. There is nothing honorable about that.

She is crying because she got busted and is embarrassed as well as she should be. She does not have her talent. Her "talent" IMO was falsified. Who knows how long she has been using. Don't get me wrong; I think the chicka is a hard worker but she is a straight up hard working liar too.

Saying the Marion Jones is still a hero would be like saying Britney Spears is still a role model. Unless we are talking about what not to do, they are not role models. If she decides to turn her life around and help other not to fall into the trap or help others to turn their life around, then maybe she will start to redeem herself.

Marion Jones is human. Why does that always excuse bad behavior? It is not like she told some white lie. She lied over and over and over again, taking other people down with her. Unless her whole relay team was taking drugs too, she screwed them.

It is hardly heroic to come forward when you are about to get busted. Now, what she does after this may start her on the road towards redemption. The fact that she is human allows her the opportunity for eventual forgiveness; however, it does not give her a free pass here. It does not mean that people still get to see her as a hero. It means that she will have to atone for her wrong doings and pay those consequences which may be longstanding.

I actually feel sorry for her that she did not have the courage to tap into that heroic strength to overcome the pressures of being a world class athlete to do it the proper way or that she could not muster the dignity to come forward when it really mattered. That is what a hero does.


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