Keke Palmer's Record Lable Pressures Her to Get Raunchy!?

Keke Palmer better known for her role in Akeelah and the Bee has an album out titled So Uncool. Listen to her this Sunday, October 21st, on The Communicators,, when she will discuss the lack of support she is getting from her record label and how they are pressuring her to get dirty.

The last time I checked, the girl was only 14 years old. What is it they are wanting her to do? Anyway, I am planning to get her album for my niece. You can listen to some of her music on line at her website,

Check out her video for Keep It Movin, a track off her album, So Uncool.

I'm saying, if we do not try to support our kids when they trying to do right, no one will.


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