Kanye's Graduation


I cannot say that I love the whole album from beginning to end, but I definitely enjoy most of it.

1.Good Morning- This has a relaxed flow to it. I am feeling the chorus. “Hustlers that’s if you still living, get on down.” It is a good way to open up the album and set the mood.

2. Champion- The narcissism is at an extreme in this track but I believe I’m a champion too. I actually love some of the lyrics. Again, the hook is hot and the music definitely is a bob your head joints. The bridge satisfies my R&B heart. “Lauren Hill said her heart was in Zion. I wish her heart still was in rhyming.”

3. Stronger- I was not feeling this joint at first but it definitely grew on me. The constant beat reminds me of back in the day rap. “That that don’t kill me can only make me stronger.”

4. I Wonder- This had a great intro. However when Kanye comes in he sounds like he is yelling. “I’ve been waiting on this my whole life. These dreams be waking me up at night.”

5. Good Life- Featuring T-Pain this sampling song is my jam. It’s okay to talk about the good life every now and then. Of course, this is Kanye bragging about everyone hating on how great he is. Still, “I go for mine. I got to shine.”

6. Can’t Tell me Nothing- I got my son talking saying, “You can’t tell me nothing!”- all loud too. I am feeling this because sometimes, no one can tell me a darn thing when I am going after something. Of course, I am feeling the chorus.

7. Barry Bonds- As much as I’m feeling Lil’ Wayne, I can’t stand this track. I am not a straight rap girl. There is not a stitch of R&B up in there and I am not feeling. By the time this track rolls around, I’m getting tired of hearing Kanye talk about how great he is. For real, for real.

8. Drunk n Hot Girls- What the heck is this mess. I do not really care about his issues with drunk n hot girls. I might like the flow and the beat but I just can’t listen to him at this point.

9. Flashing Lights- Featuring Dwele, this joint is a nice flow. I guess he talking about a girl he rolled with one time and flossing. It is not my favorite, but I don’t hate it. The beat really saves it.

10. Everything I Am- I am feeling piano on this one and the lyrics. “Cause everything I’m not made me everything I am.” The its-all-about-me theme is still constant. Dang, the boy is a whiner. Still it is a pretty hot cut.

11. Glory

12. Homecoming

13. Big Brother

In an effort not to sound like a broken record or scratched cd, I am so feeling 11, 12, and 13. Big Brother is interesting because he puts everything out there about his relationship with Jay. I hear that he is paying homage to Jay but there so much other stuff in there that I had to listen to it a couple of times initially.

Rating: 4/5 stars

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