Heroes Rant & Rave Recap

Heroes: Episode 2.5 "Fight or Flight" RecapBuddyTV -Previously on Heroes: Peter's in Ireland, Hiro's in ancient Japan, Sylar and the Wonder Twins are crossing the border in a car, HRG and the Haitian ...

Well, Matt goes off to find his father and Nathan decides to go along. Instead of some ruthless killer they find a cowering idiot. Only he is not the fool that he portrays. The "nightmare man" causes both Nathan and Matt to have nightmare dreams so real that they believe it to be reality. He leaves them to their nightmare suffering while he goes off to kill another victim.

Peter, who I cannot stand with this Irish chick (who am I kidding? I don't want to see him with anyone) decides to take a trip to Canada (with Irish chick in tow) to find out who he is after one of The Company's minions kills Irish Chick's brother in an effort to get to him. Kristen Bell formerly of my fave show, Veronica Mars (now defuncted), plays a non too stable "heroe" who is power happy. Her father apparently runs things at the company and thought it wiser not to have her running loose. I loved her first appearance. She was sassy and a littly crazy.

Micah figures out that Monica has powers and is helping her figure it out. That does not even seem right. I like Monica even if I abhor the twang; however, pairing her up with Micah leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I hope she has to dump him quick and the chick she works with at the burger joint, talk about crab.

Jessica bust into the company kicking butt then they subdue her and confine her to a bed. Suresh thinks he's helping when he tried to help her escape but Jessica is having none of it. She says that she needs to stay in order to get fixed.


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