Gossip Girl: Episode 1.6 "The Handmaiden's Tale"

In cased you missed Gossip Girl. It was a pretty good episode.

Tonight's Gossip Girl begins with Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) explaining that tonight is Blair's big masquerade ball. Rich people get tired of normal parties, you see, so they have to mix things up by putting masks on. Blair orders her handmaiden, little Jenny Humphrey, all over the city doing errands to prepare for the ball. Jenny goes to pick up dresses for Blair and her ladies-in-waiting from a dress shop. The proprietor of the shop lends Jenny a diamond bracelet to wear to the ball and charges it to Blair's account.

Blair tells Serena that she is planning a scavenger hunt for Nate at the ball. She has instructed Nate to get clues from her ladies-in-waiting, all of which lead to Blair. If he finds her before midnight, then she will cash in her v-card. Serena tries to bow out of event, considering her past indiscretion with Nate, but Blair insists that she attend and be a lady-in-waiting as well. Serena acquiesces and calls Dan to invite him to the ball. Meanwhile, in Williamsburg, Dan is stressing out that Serena hasn't asked him yet, but is soon distracted with the arrival of his best friend Vanessa (Jessica Szohr). Vanessa is his best friend, but she moved away to Woodbury, Vermont a year ago. Right before she left, he told her that he loved her, but his declaration of love wasn't well-received. Serena finally calls him to invite him, but she hears Vanessa's voice in the background asks who that is. Dan lies that it's his sister, but Serena knows this to be false because Jenny just showed up at Blair's looking for more tasks. This wigs Serena out, and stops short of asking him to the ball.

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In cased you missed Gossip Girl. It was a pretty good episode.


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