General Hospital Sweeps & Spoilers

General Hospital- Thank goodness sweeps are about to start because it has been a snooze fest lately. Now, they are throwing Leyla and Patrick in my face all the time which only makes me fast forward through. I'm not really feeling the so-called mob drama; Sonny and Kate bore me at this point; Carly is getting on my nerves; I am not feeling Lulu and Logan mess; Georgie needs to stop dancing around Spin and let him know what's up; I don't like Jason's hair; and someone else needs to die.

The only highlight in the past few weeks has been Nicholas going off on people. He has been great to watch.


I have been reading that more people are going to get killed (Alfred maybe).

The murders are not mob related but serial killer type stuff.

Patrick is going to try to stop Robin on her pursuit of a sperm donor.

Kate has a secret.

The Liason (Jason and Elizabeth) baby secret it going to come out.

And the ball that Nicholas is throwing is going to be where all the sweeps drama happens.

I can't wait for sweeps. I am looking from a change of pace from the past few weeks.

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