Divas Inc. by Donna Hill

I am on a roll. I just might finish my Donna Hill reading this month.

So, this book has been out for a while. I probably should have went with one of her newer releases but I was intrigued. Divas Inc. was definitely worth the read.

Margaret Drew has spent most of her life living in the shadows of her two fabulous "best friends" until one day they plan a vacation and leave her hanging. Instead of inviting her they ask her to house sit. Well, house sit she does. Margaret goes on an adventure that is a definite page turner. Throw in her eccentric grandmother, the comedy is nonstop.

I loved this book. At first I thought Margaret was crazy for so many reasons but as the story went on I actually grew to like her. Donna Hill did a great job of infusing the story with a healthy dose of comedy.


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