Diddy News

Lately, this dude has been keeping reporters pretty buys.

Let's look at a run down.
~First he and his long term chicka break up
~His "Unforgivable" perfume campaign comes out where he forgot the sisters.
~His "Unforgivable" ads get banned left and right
~He is sued over album rights ... then again, when isn't he getting sued
~His baby mama drama

and now ...

Diddy sued over nightclub 'assault'The Press Association - A hip-hop promoter has filed a five million dollar lawsuit against Sean "Diddy" Combs, claiming the American rap mogul unleashed three violent bodyguards on ...

Judge to Diddy: Better Get Out the Bling!TMZ.com, CA - Contrary to what some outlets are reporting, a judge did order Diddy to fork over pics of the bling he was wearing on the night he allegedly assaulted a man ...

Robinson: Question of life: Who's your Diddy?Savannah Morning News, GA - As I read several newspapers this week, I found that one of the top stories was the revelation that Sean "P.Diddy" Combs had fathered yet another child out ...

Seriously, at some point, he needs a little snip snip. It's called a vasectomy. How about that thing that helps also protect against STDs ... oh, it's called a condom.

Diddy vows to care for 'secret daughter'Stuff.co.nz, DADDY'S GIRL: Rapper Diddy has vowed to care for his 'secret daughter' for the rest of her life. P Diddy has vowed to care for his secret daughter. ...

'Diddy' Combs faces fraud lawsuitLos Angeles Times, CA - Oct 12, 2007By Chuck Philips, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer Millionaire mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs, who nearly topped Forbes' 2007 Hip Hop Cash Kings' List, ...


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