Bed Part I- Flash Fiction

In honor of the release of J. Holiday's new albulm today, I thought I would post this flash fiction inspired by his song Bed. Expect Bed Part II soon after.

Bed Part I

Tasha stepped out of the steaming shower onto a plush green rug. She patted herself dry before moving to her vanity. As she applied the watermelon scented Bath & Body Works lotion to her arms and legs she thought about her husband. He had been gone for three days now and she missed him. Loneliness filled her as she pulled on her satin negligee.

She slowly sauntered to her modestly decorated bedroom and crawled into bed with a book in her hands. As Tasha made herself comfortable, scooting closer to the lamp on her nightstand, the telephone rang, startling her. She hated being alone.

“Hey baby.”

She smiled and replied, “Hey you. I was just thinking of you.”

“What are you doing?”

Tasha set the book aside. “Getting ready for bed.”

A sudden movement just out side her door spooked her and she sat up as if on alert. “Ho- hold on a minute.”

As she swung her legs off the bed, the door to her bedroom slowly opened. Cory stood back with his cell phone to his ear, grinning back at her.

Tasha dropped the phone. “Oh, it’s you.” She ran to him, pulling him into an impassioned embrace as if she had not seen him in years. She lightheartedly slapped his arm and pulled him into the room.

“You scared me. How did you get in here?”

He laughed at her. “My key.”

She grinned back at him, looking at his handsome face intently. “I thought you were working?”

She nodded. As she was pulling away, he gently held her hand, pulling her back to him. He looked into her eyes as he pulled her face closer. Neither looked away. Cory, gently brought his mouth to hers, teasing her lips. He whispered, “I brought you something.”

Tasha took him in. She had been so lonely for the pass couple of days that his closeness made her dizzy. His words hardly registered with her. He smelled like sporty shaving cream.

She looked up at him. “Did you shave just for me?” He knew how much she hated stubble.

“You know it.”

Tasha was eager to savor him. She nuzzled her nose against his bare neck as he moved her to the bed.

Cory sat her down. She watched as he easily moved out of his clothes. Every bit of him was taut. Her eye grazed him, slowly studying every sensual line of his body, every slow arousing movement he made as he bent down in front of her.

She closed her eyes with a shiver as she felt his hands move up against her legs, pass her negligee and to her panties. She lifted her buttocks up slightly as he gently eased them off of her. Tasha felt her body tremble with the mere whisper of the fabric against her hot skin. Next she felt his lips kissing their way up to her thighs and then her hips. Tasha held her breath as he purposely ignored her yearning center.

She looked down to find him staring at her with a ravishing smile. She smiled back, waiting, anticipating his lips on her. She felt his hands pulling her satin negligee over her. She slowly lifted her arms allowing him to fully undress her. The cool air against her bare breast was immediately banished with the warmth of his mouth over her stiff nipple. She gasped. He laughed.

Moving away, Cory searched through his small travel bag and returned to her with jasmine scented oils. “I got these especially for you, Baby girl.”
She watched as he slowly took her hand and kissed each finger while he removed her wedding band and set it in a bowl on the side table. He removed his and placed it in the same bowl.
Tasha was mesmerized by the slow dripping of the oil onto his sensual hands. The anticipation was making her writhe with desire coursing through her body.

“Lie down on your stomach.”

She complied without a word.

She felt him crawl on top of her, his hardness pressed up against her bottom. His hands rubbed the oil into her shoulders, excruciatingly slow. He moved down further until his hands were all over her. Tasha felt her body relax and her problems dissipate into the sizzling air. His mouth came down to her neck. Cory lightly kissed her everywhere imaginable.

His touch was so soft, gentle, and arousing that she felt a burst of moister in between her legs. Tasha’s whole body craved for more of him. She squirmed with each touch of his lip to her smoldering skin.

Without warning, he thrust into her. Tasha’s eyes flew open as he moved against her with a feverish rhythm that made her tingle all over. She cried out, “Cory! Yes! Oh yes!”

He continued pumping every bit of himself into her until they both cried out in fulfillment. Spent, she collapsed under him.

Minutes, maybe hours later, she was not sure; she heard movement. Tasha leisurely opened her eyes to find Cory dressed. He was leaning back into her sitting share, staring at her. Tasha grinned at him. Rubbing her eyes, she asked, “How long have you been up? How long have I been asleep?”

He smiled and shrugged. “An hour or so. Here.” He took her wedding band out of the bowl and slipped it back on her finger.

She patted his hand as he finished. “You’re leaving already?”

Cory nodded. Standing up he gave her a light tap on her bottom. “Gotta go make that money for us, baby.”

Tasha nodded her head sleepily. Cory bent down to kiss her softly on her bare shoulder. “Get some sleep. I love you.”

As quietly as he slipped in, he was gone.
Bed Part II coming soon.

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