Bed II

Although this could be a stand alone flash fiction, I highly recommend reading Bed I (Bed Part I- Flash Fiction ) first.

Bed II

Leon paced the small length of the sparsely decorated hotel room several times while nervously rubbing his hands together. He had never done this sort of thing. The idea of it all was too clandestine for his strictly structured lifestyle. Nevertheless, he was in an out of the way hotel, waiting.

The knock at the door startled him out of his pacing. He stopped, looked at the door, and took a deep breath before moving to open it. Anxiousness fluttered its way through his stomach. Before opening up, he took in a deep breath and let it out. Leon pulled the door open but didn’t move. He couldn’t. He wasn’t really sure that he even wanted to go any further.

Carl stood on the other side, discretely dressed in black slacks and a fitted black t-shirt with a black sued jacket over it. He raised an eyebrow as Leon stood, unmoving at the doorway.

“Did you change your mind?” Carl asked.

Leon resolutely shook his head and moved out of the way, making room for Carl to walk through the threshold. Leon thought he should say something but he did not know what to say in a situation like this. Instead, he looked at Carl and waited.

He watched as Carl looked around the room as if taking in an inventory of his surroundings. Finally he turned to face him and said, “You should sit down.”

Leon chuckled nervously. “Okay. Um, do you want something? I can get us something?”

Carl shook his head. “Just take a seat man.”

The bed gave way under Leon’s burly weight, squeaking as he adjusted himself. “Okay, I’m ready.”

Carl pulled a chair from the small desk in the room and positioned it in front of Leon. He reached into the inside of his jacket but stopped just as he was about to pull something out. “Are you sure you want to go through with this?” he asked.

Leon nodded, his head moving stiffly on his thick neck.

Carl pulled out a manila envelope and handed it to Leon. He leaned back in the chair and waited.

Leon pulled out the four by six inch sized pictures. Meticulously going through each of them, one by one, he did not say a word. Carl waited. When Leon was done, he looked at Carl. Anger seemed to be stifled in the grim set of his jaw. Carl could see a vein pulsating on his temple. Still, he did not speak.

Finally, Leon said, “These were just taken. Did you take these tonight?”

Carl hesitated to answer. Leon looked dangerously distressed.

“Look man. This is my brother-in-law. My little sister’s husband, and he is screwing my wife. You need to let me know what’s up!”

“That’s tonight. I came right over when I was done printing them.”

Leon nodded and stood up. He reached his hand out, indicating that the meeting was over. Carl stood up and hesitantly placed his hand in his. They shook.

Leon walked him to the door and opened it. “You did a great job. I will contact you in the morning to settle the bill.”

Carl stepped outside and turned to face him. Concern wavered in his eyes as he said, “Look man, just take a breather. Think on it. Tasha’s a good woman.”

Leon nodded but did not appear to hear him.

Carl tried again. “Maybe we should go out tonight. Hit the clubs or something?”

“Thanks for you help Carl. I’ll call you in the morning with the balance of your bill.” With that Leon slammed the door in Carl’s face. He moved quickly, grabbing his things and getting his jacket on.

Leon left the hotel, driving straight home. He parked the car across the street from his house and waited. Everything seemed quiet. Just as he was about to get out of the car he saw movement coming from the back of his home. Cory emerged as if out of nowhere. Leon imagined that he had a satisfied smile on his face after banging his wife. Leon waited until he jogged a couple of houses down and got into his 1998 Toyota Corolla.

“Bastard,” Leon hissed.

He watched as Cory pulled off then looked back at his house. Leon felt as though his heart was going to explode right out of his chest. The beating was so hard and fast. Then he wondered if that was how Cory screwed his wife. She liked it like that. He shook his head. He should go back to the hotel, but, instead he walked to his house.

He opened the door and walked to their bedroom where he found Tasha lying naked on her side. He could see the wedding band on her dainty little finger glimmer in the night. Her body was beautiful. Firm and soft in all the right places, Leon felt himself aroused just looking at her. That angered him even more.

He stealthily moved to the side of the bed, where he leaned over and gingerly trailed down the spine of her back with his finger. She shivered and turned to him with a smile.

Her eyes closed she said, “Your back.” It was sexy and seductive as if she had been dreaming about him.

When she opened her eyes and looked at Leon, they fluttered wildly before settling down. He smiled down at her. Tasha did not miss a beat. She reached up and grabbed him, pulling him down with both arms around his neck. “I’ve missed you,” she said. “When did you get in?”

“Just now,” he lied.

She reached up to put her lips to his but he quickly moved to plant a kiss on her shoulder. He felt her tongue trace the side of his neck. Revulsion mixed with raw desire coursed through him. He pulled her away from him and kissed her savagely. She seemed to like it. His hands traveled over her body, squeezing her, caressing her. He put them around her neck and kissed her harder. She kissed him back with equal ferocity, wrapping her arms around his broad back.

Suddenly, her arms flayed, slapping him on the back instead of loving him. Her eyes bulged but he continued kissing her until, she gave in. Her body went limp. Leon settled her back into the bed. She looked like a sleeping angle. He decided that he would go back to the hotel, and as quietly as he came, was as quietly as he left, leaving only silence behind.

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