At the Altar of Sonny

Kate Howard comes to Port Charles to get away from the drama in the city. Instead of finding the peace and quiet she was looking for she found her long lost, high school sweetheart Sonny Corinthos. She should have taken head when his past women including his lawyer advised her to run as far away from him as possible. Of course, she did not. She stayed his neighbor and became intimately involved with him.

Trevor Lansing, the reincarnation of Satan’s spawn, comes in to the picture, forcing her to choose between the two of them. Kate believing she was taking the high road refused to give in to Trevor’s not so subtle demands. Trevor decides that her refusal was decision enough, insisting that she chose Sonny over him. In reality, it is the most childish display of possessiveness from a grown (old at that) man; however, Trevor makes it worst.

He decides that the only way to make Sonny pay is to hurt Kate. He drugs her, she gets busted for DUI, and then he gets her fired from Couture magazine, the one thing that Kate loved the most.

Now Kate is where all women who end up with Sonny wind up- in his bed without a career, a job, and a shred of identity. Oh pretty please with lots and lots of powdered sugar on top, do not sacrifice the independent, savvy, career minded, driven, and passionate Kate Howard at the altar of Sonny Corinthos. They are great together. Sonny is playful and he balances Kate elitists attitude. However, it would be a shame if she coward away from her career because she was forced out of it. This would be a complete character shift from the person that General Hospital has introduced us to. Unfortunately, TPTB do have a tendency for altering a character to fit into some neat box that works with a storyline.

BORING! Kate Howard would be a more exciting addition to General Hospital if she were kept out of the box. She has options. She does not have to sit back (or in her case lie in Sonny’s bed) and let Trevor Lansing beat her.

What would happen in the real world? Hmmm, let’s see. Kate Howard would write a tell-all book in which she reveals who she really is just in time for the launch of her own clothing line and her new upstart magazine. She would go on Good Morning America, Oprah, The Tonight Show, etc. to talk about the fashion industry and why she had to change her “name” to get ahead. America would praise her and empathize with her. She would sell millions of books, her designing line would be fabulous, and her magazine would gain its own unique audience.

I know, General Hospital is not about Kate Howard, but it would be spectacular too see such a power house handle her business all the while surrounded by rumors of her torrid affair with a well known mobster. Throw in a healthy dose of deceit, lies, and scandal and you have got the stuff that soap operas are made of.


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