American Gangster with Denzel Washington

Who doesn't know this movie is coming out? Climb out from the rock that you are under and check out this trailer. I will be straight up. If Denzel were not in this, it would be just another gangster movie to me; however, there is just something about the way that man delivers his lines that makes me feel like he is acting just for me. Even still this is not one of those movies that I personally would rush to go see. The trailer looks pretty hot and there are quite a few big names in it.

So, Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe star. T.I. has a role as well ... hey, maybe all the guns he was allegedly trying to buy was research for the film; okay, it was post research. Anyway, Cuba Gooding Jr. has a role (that was a shocker), RZA, and Idris Elba. This movie is full of some really great actors. I only hope that it all transfers to a box office blow out. After all, it is competing with Seinfeld's Bee Movie.

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