Writing & Publishing Tip #2: Be Prepared for Words that are not yours

Writing & Publishing Tip #2: Be Prepared for Words that are not yours

When you sit down to write a book, poem, short story or whatever, it is a pretty solitary process. There is no one telling you what to say next, how to say it, or when to change the mood of the project. The bottom line is that it is just you and your pen. When you venture out of the box and put it out there for others to read, you are inviting people in to the little world you have created.
  1. Be able to take constructive criticism- Don’t be so dogmatic about your writing that you are not able to learn from what others are trying to teach you. Be willing to listen and maybe change things around a little bit.

  2. Editors are there to help- Find an editor you feel you can trust. They are there to help you make your writing better. Now it may mean putting something in or taking something out. If you have a good working relationship with your editor this will be a smooth process. Editors are important to you and your work.

  3. Haters will come- Not everyone will like what you wrote or will even get it for that matter. Some people will, for whatever reason, out right attack you. Be prepared to let those roll off your back. Just brush your should and keep moving. Believe me, you will know who the haters are.

  4. There are no such thing as bad reviews- If you send a work out for review and it receives one that is none to favorable don’t torture yourself over it. Some reviews can actually be used as great tools of improvement. Keeping in mind that you will never make everyone happy, it is all about what happens after the review. Do not let a bad review tear you down or put a bump in your drive. Can you reply to it? Put your spin on it. What ever you do, do not let it hold you down. Combat it with all the great things that surround your book.

When you put your writing out there for everyone to see, you have to be ready to take the good with the bad. Sometimes the negative stuff cannot be avoided. It is all about how you handle it!


Yasmin said…
Good info and advice!

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