When I First Started Reading

I started reading the summer before I went to the seventh grade. I have no idea what got into me because I absolutely hated reading prior to that time. My cousins and other family members tried to get me involved in reading but I just was not buying it. Then I picked up a young adult romance novel. It was a wrap. After that I read every romance book I could get my hands on- Sweet Valley High, V. C. Andrews, Harlequin. You name it I read it. Then when I got to college, I discovered African American authors, starting with Beverly Jenkins.

I was like a kid in an amusement park. I did not know what to do with myself. I actually made a habit of visiting my local library. I am still an avid reader even though I do not get to read as much as I would like; however my approach is different. I used to read by author. That is how I read all of Eric Jerome Dickey, Beverly Jenkins, Johanna Lindsey, Omar Tyree, and several other authors' earlier works. I would stick with that author until I read everything they had to offer. I do not read like that anymore.

I just grab whatever holds my interest and go for it. Honestly, I barely pay attention to authors unless it is a sequel. Well, I am going retro. I will be going back to reading one author at a time.

The first Featured Author will be Donna Hill. There are several books of hers that I have been meaning to get to but keep putting them on the back burner. I will post the next book that I start. I still have to finish Alice Walker's Possessing the Secret of Joy.

Feel free to join me as I read Donna Hill's works. If you read her stuff let me know how it was (without giving everything away of course).

What is your reading trend? Has it changed over the years?


Yasmin said…
Feel free to join me as I read Donna Hill's works. If you read her stuff let me know how it was (without giving everything away of course).

What is your reading trend? Has it changed over the years?
Hey Soror! Donna Hill's is one of my favorite authors...although I don't read many romance novels and I can't vouch for her romance books (others can and they say she's fantastic)...I can vouch for her mainstream books and have enjoyed all of them esp. Rhythms...she really touch me there with that one and I used all of my senses while reading it!
I just received a review copy of her latest book...Wicked Ways and I hope to get to it before this weekend. I'll check back with feedback.

As far my reading trend...I'm still reading African American books/authors but not solely. I'm reading from all genres but only if it's a good book...APOOO says curl up with a good book (no matter the genre or ethnicity of the author)!
Angelia... said…
I have always been a reader and can't remember a time when I wasnt reading something, I love Ms. Hill's work as well...have fun on your journey and tell us how it was...I read across genre, I love literary fiction, women's fiction, non-fiction, and I love doses of romance and humor thrown in the mix,

love and blessings
Dera Williams said…
Hi Wanda,
I have been reading since I was five and never stopped. My house was full of books and I could read anything I thought I could and I did.

I like Donna also. Started reading her back in the early 90s and have been writing reviews of her books since I have beeen with Affaire de Coeur. Last week I finished the third in the series of The Men All Pause series, If I Were Your Woman and have the last one, After Dark for my October reading.

My reading trends very. I am drawn to southern, historical literature, books that explore the racial and cultural construct in America. The book I am reading now, Fruit of the Lemon explores this theme in England and Jamaica. But I like to read for just pure pleasure and entertainment also. One anal thing I have to do is if a book is a series, I have to read in order. The first book I read by Sue Grafton was H for Homicide and then I is for Innocent. Then I went back and start with A is for Alibi and have read every last one; waiting for T is for Trespass that will be out in December. Yaaay.

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