VH1 Boycott

So, there is a boycott going on against VH1 (this is a VH1 discussion board, scroll down for Eurweb articl) because of the negative ways in which Black women are portrayed on the network. I will be totally honest, when I first heard about this, I rolled my eyes and kept on moving.
I thought that it was some hypocritical bull to boycott VH1 because when the shows were airing no one called for a boycott. When they kept on pimping Flava Flave's mug, no one called for a boycott. Then came I Love New York. Personally, I watched the shows once and couldn't take it beyond that; however, I know plenty of people who loved to watch VH1 ghettofied.

Of course, I took it a step further and thought that no one called for a boycott of BET, MTV, VH1, Def Jam, Interscope, Virgin, and any other parties responsible for perpetuating negative images of women, Black women, and Black people. Like I said, I just kept it moving.

However, for the purposes of this blog, I thought I would at least read the article. I have stopped moving and took notice. Actually, I am kinda ticked off. The deal is that VH1 basically thinks the only thing its audience wants to see are women acting a fool.

The whole drama started when show creators turned down the opportunity to do a reality show in which Black women are looking for love outside of their race. First off, there is so much room for drama with this idea alone it is unbelievable that they would pass it up. It seems the problem was that the women were intelligent, professional, and apparently, well articulated Black women, heaven forbid we exist out there. Vh1 turned the project down, claiming that it wasn't right for them. Seriously, you have to read the article because I can't do it justice.

Something New, a big screen movie with a similar premise, grossed over 14 million dollars in five weeks. Someone was going to see this movie. The same audience that has been watching all that other VH1 crap will watch something a little more interesting.

Also read the Eurweb VH1 Boycotting article.

Now, here is the ultimate, serious question. What exactly does boycotting a network mean? What does it entail? We are quick to throw that word out there without knowing what it would really mean. Is there not anything else that would be more effective than this mysterious "boycott."

Lastly, and not to take away from the gravity of this matter, does this mean I will have to stop watching VH1 Soul? :)


Reeta said…
I don't watch VH1; however, I would wonder why they should be boycotted when BET is no better with the stuff they show and they should be the one to show positive shows.
Me said…
See, that was my first thought. So I feel what you are saying. I guess it is because, in this case, they appeared to be blatant about it. I mean did not anyone think of boycotting the actual shows. People notice when ratings tank. That would make more of an impact than just an overall boycott, IMO.

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