V Tech Kidizoom Digital Camera

My son recently turned four years old, and I wanted to get him something cool for his birthday. I decided on a digital camera so that he can keep his grubby little hands off mine. I actually wanted to get him a camera for Christmas 2006, but since I am a late shopper the one I wanted was all sold out, everywhere.

Of course, I got sucked in by the commercials advertising the Fisher Price Kids-Tough Digital Camera. I decided that, that was the one I had to have. Never mind that it was averaging about 70 bucks. Well, when his birthday came around, I got it for him. When I finally opened it up, I was completely disappointed. Okay, so I know it is a kid's camera and won't take the best quality pictures, but, seriously, this Fisher Price digital camera was a piece of crap.

I promptly boxed that sucker up and took it back to the store. I decided that before I left, I was going to test the new camera out first. So here I was, at the counter, asking for scissors, and insisting I open up the Fort Knox packaging before I leave the store. I have my batteries and tools in hand.

The digital camera that I finally did end up purchasing was leaps and bounds better than the Fisher Price camera. There are quite a few more features likes games, video recording, and image options than the Fisher Price digital camera. The picture quality is a little bit better and you can actually see the image on the screen. My son loves his camera and I love that it was about $10.00 less than the original one.

If you are in the market for a digital camera for a child, the V Tech Kidizoom Digital Camera is the way to go.


Sarah said…
Thanks for posting this review - I've been debating between the two cameras you mentioned for my daughter's third birthday, but wasn't sure how they compared in terms of image quality, etc. I was leaning towards the vtech anyway, and your experience sealed the deal!
Anonymous said…

thanks for posting your interesting review. I was considering buying the VTech Kidizoom for my daughter who is 6 1/2 years old. Based on your experience, do you think she will still enjoy it for some years (it is advertised as a toy for '3+' kids) ?
Me said…
Definitely. My son is 4 and he loves it. The older kids in my family like it too. She will be able to use it for a long time.
Anonymous said…
Hi I was also debating which of the two cameras to buy. This is really helpful. I wondered - can you upload your pictures onto the computer from this camera so that you can print them out ? i'd be grateful if you could let me know.
Rosina said…
Hi, I just ran across your review while searching where to buy the vtech kidizoom cam : ) I have a quick question I'm hoping you can answer for me. My son is 8 and loves to take photos of nature and he is a little clutzy for my good camera but what I'm wondering is will we be able to print the photos out at a photo developing place or is it just for fun editing on the computer? Or should I be looking for a cheap regular digital camera since he is a little above their 3-6 age range? Hope you don't mind the questions : ) Thanks a million!
Nature Mama
Me said…
Hi everyone. The pictures can be uploaded from the camera to the computer utilizing a usb connection. I am not sure what mega pixels they come out at as of yet. I have a whole bunch of pics my son has taken that I still need to upload. LOL Lazy mommy.

It is really like a regualr digital camera except it is for kids. My son has already dropped it too many times.

Now, for the eight year old, the only thing I would wonder about is the picture quality. I will upload some and come back to post something about it. Other than that, I think it would be a pretty good camera for any kid really that is under tweeny age.

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