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Prison Break Premier
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Prison Break is back and Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) is in jail once again. Surprise surprise. They have to make that namesake worth something don’t they? The Panamanian jail, Sona, is not run by guards but by the inmate themselves who have their own rules of law. For example if one inmate has beef with another they fight to the death, no exceptions.

Michael is of course trying to stay out of trouble while his brother is on the outside trying to get him out of there. Michael also wants Lincoln aka Linc (Dominic Purcell) to find out what happened to Sara, whom has somehow become the love of his life. Lincoln was attempting to follow the legal channels until an outside party intervened. They want Michael to break someone out of the prison. When they asked him to help out with the situation, Michael flat out declined. Instead of leaving it alone, they got a hold of Linc to inform him that they have kidnapped his son, LJ, and Sara. If Michael does not do what they ask, they will kill both of them.

Also in jail with Michael are Bellick, Alex Mahone, and T-Bag (the pedophile weasel). The Mahone is trying to help Michael and wound up saving his life. After Michael was set up to look like he stole another inmate’s, a big burly looking guy, drugs, the leader of the jail, who does not appreciate Michael in the least, ordered them to fight. Scofield beat up the guy but the inmates clamored for him to kill him. When he refused, someone threw a weapon (weapons are strictly forbidden in a battle to the death) into the makeshift ring to the guy and he moved to kill Michael. That was when Mahone stepped into to save Scofield. Michael, with good reason, hates them all, so he walked away without a word to anyone.

T-Bag weaseled his way into good graces with the leader, Lechero. Bellick is getting exactly what he deserves. They treat him like a piece of garbage. He had to clean nasty, nasty toilet bowls. They barely feed him and he hobbles around in his underway.

The dynamics in the prison are definitely interesting; however it is more of the same. Right now there is nothing else on Mondays in that time slot to really compete with Prison Break. It would not take much to lure me away. I am just not as excited about this season as I was when the concept was fresh. There are some intriguing moments and new players that lure me just enough to be curious. I will not totally give up on Prison Break, but it is not on my absolutely much watch list. It is on my will-watch-when-I-can list. Digital Video Recorders are the best thing ever, by the way.


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