Prison Break 9/24/2007

Prison Break

This episode had me a little tense, waiting to see what would happen next. In Sona information is currency, so there really is not anyone that can be trusted.

He had problems at the start of the episode. The inmates where getting water when one of Lechero’s guys got into it with another inmate and shoved him into a container filled with water. The container toppled over. The inmates were ticked off and were on the verge of setting off a riot. Lechero spent most of the episode sweating up in his quarters as the inmates yelled about the injustice of their situation and how he should not be leader if he cannot get them water.

The boy is so far gone for his Marie-Cruz that he cannot seem to function without her in his life. He purchased a gun and went to see Bellick at Sona. All he wanted to know was what happened to his girl, and all Bellick wanted was some help out of Sona. Bellick finally fessed up to Sucre that he never had Marie-Cruz thinking Sucre would help him out. Instead, Sucre left to go find her. He ran into Linc who informed him that Michael is in the prison and that they could use his help.

Sucre informed him that he is done with those situations and was off to be with his girl. Linc, going through what he was with his son and Sara, told Sucre that sometimes it is better if you leave the ones you love alone. Towards the end, he realized that it would be better to leave Marie-Cruz alone and called to tell her that she is better off without him but when things get better he will be there for her.

Following the clues from the paper Michael had in his pocket, Linc followed Whistler’s girl to the bank and took a book from her that she picked up. Unfortunately, he had a run in with the crazy chick that’s running the break-whistler-out-of-jail mission. I was so wanting him to choke her. Somebody needs to seriously kick her behind, tie her up somewhere in the middle of a desert, and leave her for pecking food. She threatened his life and ordered him to give her the book. He complied by giving her a second copy of the book, keeping the original.

Alex Mahone
He is about to lose is ever loving mind up in that place. Alex found out that a person who gets Whistler dead or alive can be pardoned and sent home. He went for it. He found Whistler, got him out of hiding, and held off others that are after the same thing to bring him to Lechero. However, Lechero was having a difficult time making a decision because he practically had a prison mutiny brewing.

Bellick only cared about getting clothes on his back and food on his stomach. He would sell out his mother if he had to. He got a hold of T-bag (who constantly wants to impress Lechero) and told him that he had information. T-Bag is hilarious. He called him an untouchable and shooed him away. Bellick was able to convince him that he had good information. Bellick dropped his dimes and got food and clothing.

T-Bag got another notch on his belt and one-uped Lechoro’s main man, who was in hot water because he was the one that caused the water to spill in the first place. The beef between T-Bag and Lechero’s number one is definitely getting thick.

Michael cannot figure out a way to break out of Sona but let his brother know that he will die trying and if he dies, Linc has to break them out. He made contact with Whistler and informed him that he will be tyring to break him out of there. Unfortunately, the word got out about Whistlers whereabouts. Michael cannot let him die. He went to Lechero to try to get him to take the bounty off Whistlers had. It did not work.

Michael goes on a mad dash to try to save the day. This was were things got really good. Viewers see Michael in high gear but unsure of what he was doing. I figured it out when he lowered (a home made bomb) down into a pipeline. Just as the prison was about to lose all control, the bomb exploded shaking the ground everyone one standing on. Everyone got quiet as a gush of water exploded from the pipe.

Lechero practically fainted with relief. Alex lost his guy and Michael got to save his life in turn saving the lives of his nephew and Sara.


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