P. Diddy is Unforgivable

P. Diddy is unforgivable and so is everyone else that buys into the "wider audience" or "mainstream" hype.

So, I noticed that in Diddy's ad campaign for his new fragrance that he is surrounded by beautiful models and not one sister girl of significant hue (that I would notice is a sister girlf) is anywhere is the ad. Then I got an e-mail that highlighted the same thing.

Subject: FW: P Diddy's Unforgivable

P. Diddy's "Unforgivable," male cologne campaign only featured non-black women.

Mainly White women, European women and Latino women were featured in these ads.

I've seen the ads for his new campaign"Unforgivable Woman," and guess what? The same marketing strategy is at play. Not one Black model is in any of the print ads or commercial ads.

Whispers are circulating that African-American female models are not even considered for inclusion regarding the "Unforgivable campaign, why? Since Diddy is African-American.

A few White companies have excluded black female and male models from advertising their products in the past but it's pathetic when a company that has an African-American figurehead does it, considering-Black women are a large part of his fan base.

Even White people in the modeling industry (bookers) are wondering, why is"Unforgivable," so reluctant to hire black models? They will probably used he excuse, "We're doing this for crossover appeal." So much so, that you can't even hire "one" black model? Sorry, that excuse doesn't fly.

At least Rocawear is keeping it real, they hired Ciara for their Rocawear clothing line as well as other non-black models, at least they mixed it up unlike "Unforgivable."

Now, if a Black female celebrity launched a male cologne campaign and only used white male models, it would be outrage and we wouldn't hear the last of it.

It will be interesting to see if Black women continue to support"Unforgivable."
----------------------------------------- End of e-mail

Now, why should regular folk care what Diddy is doing? Why should Diddy care about the fate of Black models? Why should we for that matter?

What he does and what is presented speaks to our culture. If I noticed, others noticed but most of all our younger minds noticed. Are sisters not good enough to be included in his ad? If he were White, it would not be such a surprise, but brotha man could not use one Black chick?

Has he bought the whole bull crap about "marketing to the mainstream" or "wider audience appeal" that they feed in order to push minorities out the mix. Will Smith bought into that bull crap when he did the movie Hitch and I was especially disappointed. Instead of getting him a Black female lead to play his interest they put in Eva Mendez. Is Black on Black love that detestable that it will turn people off.

Will Smith bought into that crap so much that he started to sell it himself. Why are these stars forgetting that they are the draw, the whole package that makes people love them. The last time I checked they were Black. All of sudden, that they have made it, they start to believe the hype and change up. What kind of message does that send. Sisters are good enough for the ride up but not good enough once a brother gets to the top?

It is some straight up bullshit which why sisters cannot dwell on the bullshit. People wonder why we stay handling our business. If we were to wait around for people to handle it for us, things would really be a mess.

So Screw Diddy and his Unforgivable crap perfume. Black mogul ain't (yes, ain't cuz I'm ticked off) really trying to stay that way. He so messed up over Jennifer Lopez he still does not know if he's coming or going. Screw anyone else that buys into the hype about "mainstream audience" because it's just a load of carp they feed people to maintain the status quo.


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