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Faster, New Orleans Cops, Your Dreams Want You BackNew York Times - Sep 16, 2007By VIRGINIA HEFFERNAN The art of casting comedians in dramatic parts has been refined at Fox in recent years. The other networks should take notice.

See previous K-Ville entry.

Why Fox censored SallyChicago Tribune - "Some language during the live broadcast may have been considered inappropriate by some viewers. As a result, FOX's broadcast standards executives determined it appropriate to drop sound and picture during those portions of the show.

Now, you know I was thinking that she said something the administration would not like. It was probably an antiwar sentiment. Freedom of speech, huh?

'Jena 6' teen seeks bail as race roils rural Louisiana caseNew York Daily News - BY BILL HUTCHINSON All eyes in a feud that has split blacks and whites in a rural Louisiana town will be on a courtroom today where one of the black youths dubbed "The Jena Six" will ask for freedom.

Amid 'SpyGate' Patriots blow out ChargersNew York Daily News - BY HANK GOLA Bill Belichick seems unfazed by all the camera talk and keeps his team on its winning ways. Fresh off a week of SpyGate sanctions, distractions and admonishments, some that continued right up to kickoff, the Patriots did to the ...

Oooo, this "upstanding" team has been playing dirty all along. I wonder if they are the only ones or the only ones that got caught.

Best Quotes from the EmmysTimes Online - Pomp and ceremony gave way to laughter at this year’s Emmy Awards, as new host Ryan Seacrest lightened the mood. The American Idol presenter kicked off with a joke and kept them rolling all night.

I did not get a chance to recap this. All I have to say is thank God for comedians or else the show would be wack.

It’s Not About the BlingNewsweek - Sep 14, 2007Hip-hop star Chamillionaire, with a new album in hand, says good rap is not about clich├ęs about guns, girls and money—it’s about telling good stories.

You think? Hmmm, I might actually look into him just to see what he is all about.


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