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Simon Cowell: Britney career overMonsters and - Cowell claims Britney Spears could have killed her career after her disastrous performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. The music mogul says there's no way he would have let the 'Toxic' singer - who opened the Las Vegas ceremony on Sunday ...

You think? Well, maybe maybe not. She can still come back but she definitely hasn't made it easier on herself. I still feel pretty sorry for her.

Kanye West outselling 50 - The acts, who both released albums this week, have been caught in a media battle to see who would get to Number One. The 'beef' culminated with 50 Cent saying that if 'Curtis' didn't outsell West's new effort 'Graduation' he would quit music.

50 probably should not have put himself on blast like that. What I can't stand is some of the media making the out to be a real, serious rivalry when it is totally manufactured for the purpose of hype. Kanye and 50 both admit it. They were on 106 and Park last night and gave decent interviews, I thought, about the friendly competition. Either way they both benefited from the increased hype.

Hudson joins 'Sex and the City' filmDigital Spy - Oscar-winning actress and Dreamgirls star Jennifer Hudson has signed up to join the cast of the upcoming Sex and the City movie.

I will reserve comment on this one for a later time. I need to find out more before I jump in with my two pennies.

Russia unveils the 'father of all bombs'Guardian Unlimited - Russia's military yesterday announced that it had successfully tested a lethal new air-delivered bomb, which it described as the world's most powerful non-nuclear weapon.

Hmm, I keep imagining an episode of 24.

Dollar Hits New Low Against EuroForbes The dollar sank to an all-time low against the euro Wednesday amid speculation that the Federal Reserve will soon cut interest rates by as much as half a percentage point.

The interest cut is sounding good to me right now, since I am thinking of refinancing. Unfortunately, the global implications are not that great especially for those who do business overseas or planning to take a European vacation.

Kevin Everett will walk again: doctorCBC News - Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett reportedly had voluntarily movement in his arms and legs on Tuesday, less than 24 hours after being told he would likely remain paralyzed.

This situation is sad really but is the risk one takes when playing sports. It happens to teens, college students, and professional athletes. One minute your career is great and the next you are in a fight to live normally again. Disability can impact anyone at anytime; the key, is never to give up and believe that you will be defeated by a disability.

High School Musical: Vanessa Hudgens Nude Picture AftermathBuddyTV Everyone take a deep breath. It's been about a week since a (gasp!) nude picture of High School Musical star Vanessa Anne Hudgens surfaced on the internet.

Oooo, she is not so squeaky clean after all. The article is a pretty good one. So what? She wanted to send a nudy of herself to her boyfriend. The problem with this is that she is so heavily associated with Disney right now. She has not yet step out of that box. Actually, this might be the thing that propels her.

Soap Star Busted for - Soap star Kirsten Storms, 23, was busted for drunk driving over the weekend. Here we go again! TMZ has learned that Storms, who is also on Disney's "Kim Possible," was traveling on a Los Angeles freeway when a CHP officer noticed a lit cigarette being ...

This is my favorite little slut piece, Maxie Jones, from General Hospital. The girl is good at being bad. Soap girls do not get in the news that much. Hopefully, this is the not start of a downward trend for Storms.

Katie Couric hits another record low in ratingsReuters (Hollywood Reporter) - "The CBS Evening News With Katie Couric" dropped to another record low in the ratings last week, even though the anchor marked her first anniversary in the job on a high-profile trip to Iraq and Syria.

I have such a soft heart. I am really feeling bad for her (when I don't think about the millions she is banking). She makes a huge move, and everyone is expecting gold from her. Unfortunately, she just hasn't made the show what they were expecting. How long will they allow this to carry on?

Trick Daddy arrested for strip club brawlActress Archives - Trick Daddy's thug-loving lifestyle seems to have caught up with him early Tuesday morning, as the rapper was arrested following a fistfight which took place outside a Florida strip club.

No comment.


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